Why Maturity as a Measure?

The Business Maturity Scorecard has been designed specifically for Community Services and talks to the success imperatives that will support individual organisations and the sector more broadly to optimise its positioning for a successful future. 

So why Maturity as a measure?  The concept of maturity is one that is dynamic, not static like many other measures, it is something that can be grown and lessened as internal and external factors shift and change, and most importantly it brings benefit not just to those who demonstrate it, but to all those who interact with those demonstrating the maturity. Maturity is a generative concept. 

In order to be mature we must shift away from reactive responses, we must see beyond meeting our own immediate needs and we must be able to leave room for the possibility of that which we cannot see yet.      Maturity is fundamentally about our ability to respond thoughtfully to another, from a broad enough perspective that it meets the immediate and long term needs of many. 

The more the Community Services Industry can respond to the changing nature of the industry in an optimised state of maturity the more likely that those responses will generate sustainability, effectiveness and relevance. 

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